About Mary-Margaret

A natural born leader, Mary-Margaret McMahon was a strong City Builder long before she was elected to Toronto City Council. She worked tirelessly as a passionate volunteer on projects for a variety of organizations in her community ranging from environmental education, small business advocacy and streetscape beautification, to public awareness raising on food security issues and initiatives.

In 2010 with an unprecedented landslide victory unseating an entrenched incumbent, it was evident that Mary-Margaret’s community believed in her ability to represent them effectively at the municipal level of government.   

In her two terms as Toronto Beaches-East York City Councillor, Mary-Margaret held a variety of critical roles and served on several important boards at City Hall including:

  • Chair of Parks and Environment Committee
  • Vice-Chair of Public Works and Infrastructure
  • Mayor’s Executive Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Licensing and Standards Committee
  • 5 Business Improvement Associations
  • Ted Reeve Arena Board
  • Design Exchange
  • Young People’s Theatre
  • Toronto Music Advisory Council
  • Chair of Winter Stations Jury

Mary-Margaret’s proudest achievements include leading and implementing the City’s first climate change adaptation plan (TransformTO) and spearheading the Laneway Suites planning policy – a game changing housing initiative adding to the city’s rental stock and allowing residents to age in place, and helping to create the Vision Zero road safety plan ensuring safety for all road users. As a shop local champion, she was instrumental in repealing the vacant commercial property tax rebate to allow for more vibrancy on our streets.  

A strong believer in democratic reform, Mary-Margaret ran municipally on a platform that included term limits. She is the rare politician who has the integrity and honesty to step aside after a successful tenure on City Council to provide a level playing field for new candidates to be elected.

Mary-Margaret has a knack for bringing people together and inspiring them. Whether it is working across party lines on the floor or Council to achieve a unanimous vote or empowering residents to form advocacy groups to implement change in their neighbourhoods, she ensures everyone’s voices are heard and ideas valued. Mary-Margaret is a true collaborator.

With her endless energy, creativity, and charisma, Mary-Margaret has been able to make Toronto a more livable city. She is action-oriented and prides herself in getting things done! After a few years in the private sector working on sustainable communities, she made a thoughtful decision to seek the nomination as Beaches-East York Provincial Liberal Candidate. Having won the nomination, Mary-Margaret is now thrilled to help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party on a base of positive politics. She plans to advocate for a strong environmental platform, fight for small business survival and growth, and create affordability measures that allow Torontonians to stay in this beautiful and vibrant city!

I am thrilled to embark on the path to collaboratively help rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party based on positive politics and push for actionable climate change measures. Mary-Margaret McMahon